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Life Insurance ... That Fits

Understanding the Terms Used

Various Coverage For You and Your Family

What's in your future? Do you dream of buying a house or starting your

own business. Perhaps there are educational opportunities you want to

give your children or a once-in-a-lifetime vacation that you'd like to enjoy.

Are you concerned with providing your family with adequate protection

should you die prematurely.

An insurance policy can provide lifetime financial security for your family.

MAP Insurance Inc. offers a wide variety of permanent and term life

insurance products with the flexibility to meet your unique needs.

Term Life Insurance 

Term insurance offers life insurance protection for a specified period of

time, such as five, ten or twenty years.  Benefits include:

Affordability; provides insurance protection with relatively low premiums

Tax-free death benefits; proceeds from term insurance can be paid

directly to the beneficiary tax free, bypassing the estate and probate


Creditor protection; term insurance may be protected from claims of


Multiple lines covered under one policy; more than one person can be

insured on a single policy

Conversion options; clients may convert plan to universal life or a

permanent plan without providing evidence of insurability

Joint coverage; term insurance can be purchased on multiple lives

Optional benefits; may include, children's insurance, accidental death and

dismemberment, and waiver of premium

Whole Life Insurance

A whole life insurance policy is designed to provide insurance protection

for your entire life, with built-in savings element, provided premiums are

paid as specified in the policy.

There are two major types of whole life; participating and non-

participating.  Participating whole life insurance appeals to people who are

not interested in managing day-to-day investment risk and are attracted

to the historical stability of the insurance companies.  Equally important

are the guaranteed inheritance in a participating whole life policy; level

premium guaranteed for life; level death benefit; and guaranteed cash

surrender value increasing over time.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life combines permanent life insurance protection with benefits

of tax-advantaged investing.